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avo+cado prefold organic cotton onesize 20 pc


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* Perfectly sized for PUL nappy covers
* A low-cost and good value diapering alternative
* Soft and unbleached cotton
* Fits from 5 - 16 kg

avo+cado prefolds are a low cost system to diaper your child with natural fibres. By pairing the absorbent cotton inserts with a stylish nappy cover, they become a chic diapering option and mean less washing than other styles of nappies. Simply remove the cotton inserts from the cover when wet or soiled, wipe the cover clean if necessary, place in a new prefold and reuse the cover again.

Prefolds are flat cotton inserts made from multiple layers of fabric sewn together and divided into thirds. The outer two thirds are made up of four layers of cotton, while the middle third contains eight layers. That means when they are tri-folded there are 16 layers of cotton in the wet zone.

This method adds of a lot absorbency where it is needed, keeps a trim diaper so that regular trousers and jeans fit like normal and causes a shorter drying time than if all 16 layers were sewn together in one piece.

avo+cado prefolds are shorter than traditional prefolds, which are usually wrapped around the child and fastened with safety pins or nappy fasteners. avo+cado size small is 6.5 cms shorter and size medium is 13 cms shorter than regular prefolds. The shorter design means that they fit easily into a PUL cover with flaps at the front and/or back. They also have less bulk and less fabric to fold down at the front or back, making them more comfortable for your baby. Our prefolds are not designed to be used with nappy fasteners or pins.

When you receive your avo+cado prefolds they will be flat and smooth. However, already after the first wash they will become much softer, will shrink in size and fluff up to create a lovely quilted texture.

Prefolds need to be washed three times at 60 degrees before use in order to remove their natural oils, open up their fibres and to increase their absorbency. Their absorbency will increase with each wash and reach their maximum after about 10 washes. These inserts will last a very long time and will get softer the more they are used.

For heavy wetters, we recommend adding an extra absorbent insert. The prefold can be wrapped around the insert before placing in the cover. Hemp inserts should be placed between the prefold and cover due to their slower absorbing capacity.

Size                    Layers of fabric     Size after washing      Baby weight

Size 1                  4 - 8 - 4               28 x 29 cm               2.7 - 7 kg
Size 2                  4 - 8 - 4               33 x 35 cm                5 - 16 kg
Size 3                  4 - 8 - 4               42 x 46 cm              10 - 20 kg

Material: 100% cotton (organic, unbleached).

Wash up to 90 degrees. (But 40-60 degrees works just fine.) Can be tumble dried.

Made in Pakistan.
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