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avo+cado Pail Liner - prints

* with practical loop for closing
* with elastic band
* approx. 60cm wide and 70cm high

The avo+cado Pail Liner is perfect for storing your dirty nappy wash until the next wash day! It fits all standard 50 litre buckets and is attached to the rim of the bucket with an elastic band. 

The laundry bag is waterproof, odour-proof and can simply be taken out of the bucket on laundry day and put in the washing machine with the dirty nappies. So you don't have to pick up the dirty nappies again!

During transport, you can close the bag with the practical loop so that no unpleasant odours escape and you can also put it down for a moment without having to worry that all the contents will fall out. Before the wash cycle, you should open the closure again so that the nappies can fall into the washing machine.

The avo+cado Pail Liner is also great as a reusable rubbish bag, for transporting dirty sports shoes, wet bath towels after a visit to the swimming pool or simply as a laundry bag for dirty everyday laundry. It helps you to do without plastic in everyday life and is a true all-rounder!

Washable up to 60 degrees. Suitable for tumble dryer (gentle setting).

100% polyester

Made in China.
Properties "avo+cado Pail Liner - prints"
Made in: Pakistan
Material: Polyester
Waschbar bis: 60 degrees
Questions & Answers

Mein Beutel hat nach mehrmaligen Waschen einen sehr strengen Geruch angenommen, welcher an ihm, im Gegensatz zu den Rest der Wäsche, haftet. Auch nach dem trockenen. Wie kann ich die Pflege verbesser? Ansonsten ist der Beutel top!

Question from 10 Sep 2022

Du solltest den Pail Liner mit Ulrich Natürlich Entkalker (Milchsäure) oder Zitronensäure strippen um den Geruch zu entfernen. Wahrscheinlich haben sich Ammoniumsalze abgesetzt, das passiert wenn nicht ausreichend gespült wird. Generell solltest du den Pail Liner jedesmal mit deinen Windeln waschen um zu verhindern das sich ein Geruch entwickelt.

Answer from 28 Feb 2023

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