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Ulrich Natürlich Gall Soap - 250 ml

* Highly effective stain remover
* According to guidelines of the German Animal Welfare Association
* eco-certified

Ulrich Natürlich Gall Soap is a highly effective stain remover for grease, starch, blood and protein stains on textiles. Apply the bile soap directly to the stained areas, leave for 10 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can wash the entire laundry with the bile soap.

Machine wash with 35ml of bile soap per 4.5kg of dry laundry (without additional detergent), hand wash with 15ml of bile soap per 10l of water.

Bile soap is made from bovine bile extract and renewable raw materials without preservatives. It contains no petrochemical ingredients. It complies with the guidelines of the German Animal Welfare Association.

Declaration of ingredients: 5% - < 15 % non-ionic tensides, < 5 % anionic tensides, Benzyl alcohol

Labeling elements according to regulation ( EG ) No 1272/2008
No labeling required
Properties "Ulrich Natürlich Gall Soap - 250 ml"
Consistency: Fluid
Filling quantity: 250 ml
Made in: Germany
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