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Planet Wise Nursing Cover

* Gives privacy and reduces distractions when breastfeeding in public 
* Comes with its own bag
* Size: 71x91 cm 

The Planet Wise nursing cover helps you and your baby to breastfeed more relaxed when in public, by giving more privacy and reducing the external distractions that can lead to interrupted feeding sessions. Due to the rigid neckline, you and your baby remain covered, but you always have a clear view of your baby below.

The cover comes with its own Planet Wise cotton bag. On the cover itself it a small pocket for nursing pads, pacifiers or nursing necklaces. 

The prints are similar to those as the Planet Wise wet bags. 

Machine wash at 30 degrees. Can be dried on the line or in tumble dryer.

100% cotton

Made in the USA.

Properties "Planet Wise Nursing Cover"
Size: 71 x 91 cm
Made in: USA
Material: Cotton
Waschbar bis: 30 Degrees
Can be tumble dried: Yes (on low heat)
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