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Blueberry Mattress Pad

* Multi-purpose mat
* With waterproof backing
* 88x68 cm
This versatile waterproof mat is perfect as a protective layer in bed for potty-training toddlers, under breastfeeding mothers, or simply in the family bed for unexpected accidents. 

It can also be used as a washable changing mat at home on the changing table, bed, or floor. It is a lot larger than the changing mats from Planet Wise or Pop-In (approx 2.5 times larger), which makes it ideal for playful nappy-free or tummy time, especially for babies who can already roll over and need more space for moving around. 

It does not pack down so small to fit into a wet bag or handbag for short trips on the go, however is ideal for long weekend trips, for playtime outdoors, or inside the playpen. Also useful for baby massage or in the baby bed.

The mat is made from three layers of fabric. On top is a super-soft microfleece with a colorful Blueberry design, inside an absorbent sherpa layer and underneath is a waterproof PUL layer. The fabrics dry quickly and the mat is stain resistant. 
These mats make a great gift for any family with babies and young children.

Wash and dry up to 60 degrees. Nevertheless, Blueberry recommends washing at 30 degrees to prolong longevity.

100% Polyester

Made in the USA
Properties "Blueberry Mattress Pad"
Size: 88 x 68 cm
Made in: USA
Size (changing mat): L
Material: Polyester
Washable up to: 60 degrees
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