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Bloom & Nora Bloomers Bamboo Cloth Pads

* 3 washable cloth pads with bamboo
* Chemical free, comfortable and absorbent
* OEKO-TEX certified

Extra soft and extra absorbent - these are the bamboo panty liners "Bloomers" from Bloom & Nora / TotsBots.
The cloudy, soft surface made of natural bamboo fleece is particularly gentle on the skin, which positively surprises sensitive skin that tends to irritate! At the same time, the soft bamboo surface supports the absorbency of the microfibre absorbent core. This makes Bloom & Nora's Bloomers pad more absorbent than a conventional disposable pad and also than most cloth pads. Accordingly, the panty liner is somewhat thicker, but is by no means bulky or uncomfortable to wear. 

The pads captivate above all by their wonderful designs, which make the period already immediately much more beautiful and more pleasant! In addition, they are anatomically shaped, hardly slip thanks to the snaps on the flaps and are absolutely leak-proof. 

In total, the Bloomers pad, like the Nora Pad, consists of three layers: soft and high-quality PUL is responsible for the leak protection and does not let any moisture through, the microfibre absorbent core in the middle provides sufficient protection and the surface consists either of bamboo fleece (Bloomers) or Stay Dry polyester (Nora) and transfers the moisture into the absorbent core. 

A small wet/dry bag with a drying compartment, such as the Diaper Clutch from Smart Bottoms, is ideal for on the go, as the two separate compartments allow both fresh and used bandages to be stowed away cleanly.  

Mini (S) - 21cm, for light days or as a backup for a menstrual cup.
Midi (M) - 26cm, for medium days and regular flow
Maxi (L) - 29cm, for medium to heavy days and nights
Mighty (XL) - 32m, for heavy days and nights (available as a 2 pack)

Care and washing:
After use, rinse thoroughly in cold water to avoid staining. Store in waterproof bathroom bag and wash within 48 hours. 
Wash at 40-60 degrees with an enzyme-free detergent. Do not use fabric softener, as this reduces absorbency. No harsh stain removers, this may cause skin irritation and can damage the waterproof membrane. 
Can be tumble dried low.

Top layer: 100% polyester
Middle layer: 100% polyester
Bottom layer: 100% polyester (laminated)

Made in the UK.
Properties "Bloom & Nora Bloomers Bamboo Cloth Pads "
Leakproof: Yes
Made in: United Kingdom
Fastening: Snap
Oeko-Tex: Yes
Material: Polyester, Viscose (Bamboo)
Washable up to: 60 degrees
Can be tumble-dried: Yes (on low heat)
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