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Thirsties Simple Tote Bag

* Waterproof fabric inside
* Environmentally friendly
* Durable and beautiful

The handy Thirsties Simple Tote Bag is an eco-friendly and versatile tote bag for everyday use! With its large opening, waterproof fabric inside and color-coordinated straps, it is not only functional but also chic. The bag measures approximately 41 cm x 39 cm and features comfortable 2.5 cm wide shoulder straps.
Thirsties' signature colorful patterns give the Simple Tote Bag an individual fashionable touch. This bag is versatile and suitable for different ages and occasions such as shopping, going to the pool, carrying a change of clothes, as a diaper bag or for storing toys. Thus, the Thirsties Simple Tote Bag is the ideal companion for many occasions.
Made in the USA, the bag is also machine washable, making it easy to care for and supporting its longevity.
When using the Thirsties Simple Tote Bag, care should be taken not to carry sharp or pointed objects to avoid damaging the material. 
Overall, the Thirsties Simple Tote Bag offers a combination of functionality, eco-friendliness and style, making it a very good choice for anyone looking for a practical, sustainable and trendy tote bag.
Dimensions: approx. 41 cm x 39 cm

Exterior: 100% Polyester
Inside: 100% polyester with TPU coating

Care: Washable up to 60 degrees. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

High heat can damage the coating! Therefore, avoid drying the wet bag on the heater or hanging it in the blazing sun for a long time.

Made in the USA.
Properties "Thirsties Simple Tote Bag"
Made in: USA
Material: Polyester
Waschbar bis: 60 degrees
Handle: Yes
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