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Waschanleitung für Stoffwindeln

The Prep

Before the first use, we recommend washing each Stoffy one to three times. Nappies and liners made of synthetic fabrics, such as PUL (coated polyester) and microfiber, only need to be washed once.
Absorbent fabrics such as cotton, bamboo (viscose) and hemp should be washed at least three times to develop their full absorbency. After about 10 washes, they will have reached their maximum absorbency. Please note that nappies and liners should be dried between washes.

* Exception:
The Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper All-in-One only needs to be pre-washed once!


Which detergent?

All nappies can be washed with full detergent (powder). It contains environmentally friendly and germicidal oxygen bleach. We recommend TotsBots Potion or the nappy detergent from Ulrich Natürlich.
Follow the dosage instructions of the detergent!

Please avoid:

Fragrances + optical brighteners in the detergent - can irritate the skin.

* Homemade detergents
* Washing nuts, chestnuts, ivy
* Frosch Aloe Vera washing powder - too aggressive
Always follow the washing instructions of the nappy manufacturer!

Optional supplements

Water softener - dosed according to water hardness.
Ulrich descaler - 30ml in the fabric softener compartment. Neutralizes detergent residues and ammonia odors
Oxygen bleach - Only if not included in the detergent
Chlorine bleach / vinegar / citric acid - can damage the nappy.
Softener - reduces the absorbency, environmentally friendly.
Hygienic sanitizer - unnecessary, environmentally harmful


What now with the dirty cloth nappies?

Vlies Klo Mülleimer Klettverschlüsse schließen. Einlagen raus.

3. Storage


Large wet bag or nappy pail


4. Wasching

Rinse Cycle: 20-30 minutes, cold. Make sure that the water is pumped out at the end.

Main wash: 60 degrees with full detergent, approx. 2 hours, spin at 800-1200 revolutions. If necessary, with detergent or descaler from Ulrich Natürlich.

Cloth nappies are very absorbent - always use the water-plus button and if necessary "Extra Rinse" (or similar)! No eco wash program (too cold, too little water, too long)!

5. Drying

Great heat or frost can damage the PUL!

Covers, AIOs and wet bags must NOT be dried in frost, on the heater, or too long under sunlight.
All absorbent fabrics may be dried in the dryer on a gentle setting.
Some PUL nappies may be dried in the dryer on a gentle setting - follow the manufacturer's care instructions!


But my grandma always boiled the nappies at 95 degrees!

Washing machines and detergent nowadays are much more effective than back then. Therefore, the diapers become clean even at 40-60 degrees!
If your child is sick, cotton prefolds and muslin diapers can also be boiled. Otherwise, this is not necessary.


Wool overpants & silk inserts


Store in wet bag or laundry net.


With detergent for wool / silk or mild detergent at 30 degrees. Hand wash or machine wash - see care instructions!

Do not dry on the heater or under strong sunlight!

Grease with wool wax (More info in wool care instructions).



Protecting covers & cotton outer nappies

You can protect your covers and all-in-3 nappies by washing them separately from the soaks. If the covers have not had poo contact, they can be washed in the regular colored wash.

Covers get clean at 30 degrees, they do not need 60 degrees. A gentle color detergent without oxygen bleach (e.g. Ulrich Natürlich liquid) is sufficient.

You can wash out your covers and store them separately in a wet bag or laundry net, as the urine will affect the PUL and the rubbers over the years.

You can protect the PUL by washing your covers in a laundry net.


Breast milk stains disappear under UV rays! Simply dry the freshly washed and still damp liners in the sun or place them on the windowsill.
Stains can also be pre-treated. Rinse out the nappy and treat the stains with ASMi Stain Soap, Gall Soap or Ulrich Stain Remover. Let the stain remover soak in (about 15 minutes), rinse the nappies and let them dry. Store the nappies with the rest of the nappy wash until wash day.

Don't forget to clean your washing machine once a month!


When storing nappies, avoid extreme heat (next to a heater or in the strong sunlight) and cold (freezing), which can damage the PUL fabric and rubbers.

If you rinse a nappy, let it dry first before storing it with the other dirty nappies, as bacteria will multiply in the water. Urine, on the other hand, is a natural disinfectant.
If you have a suitable place for it, you can leave the lid of the nappy pail open a bit. This allows air to circulate and prevents the formation of ammonia in the absence of oxygen. Wet bags are breathable and do not need to be left open.

Used washcloths can be washed together with the nappies at 60 degrees. However, they are soaked with water. To avoid bacterial growth, do not store them with nappies. Store them in a small laundry net or wet bag.

Here you can download the PDF version of our washing instructions for printing! (in German)