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Pop-in V2 AIO One Size (snaps)

* Fits from 5 - 15 kg
* Double leg gussets
* Also available with hook and loop

The one size Pop-in nappy combines optimal absorbency with a fashionable, colorful design. The snaps allow the waistband of the nappy to be easily adjusted. The waistline is adjusted with snaps as well, allowing for a total of three different sizes.

The highly absorbent large insert and the boosters are fastened with snaps on the waterproof outer diaper. That way they do not slip and can easily be swapped out for a new set of inserts.

Stretchable double gussets provide a good fit at any age. The inner shell is made from soft and absorbent viscose (from bamboo). This gives the nappy and the baby wearing it a decidedly slimmer look.

Pop-in insert set can be swapped out for a fresh one if the insert is not completely soaked. The inside of the outer shell is lined with polyester and mini suction cups, which also become wet when the nappy is completely soaked. Therefore this diaper can be used more like an All-in-One diaper. So if baby pees into the nappy several times in three hours, the absorbent pad and outer shell will most likely both have to be washed.

If you are looking for a system that allows you to use the cover over and over again, have a look at the 
Pop-in covers. These you can equip with all types of absorbent inserts and thus put together your nappy however you like.

Care instructions:
Washable up to 60 degrees. We recommend washing the diaper at 40 degrees.
The inner layers can be put into the dryer, the outer shell made from PU-coated polyester cannot.  High heat can damage the PUL. Avoid drying the nappy on the heater or exposing them over longer periods to the blazing sun. 

We advise separating the insert from the outer shell before washing them. The weight of the soaked inserts may pull on the rubbers of the outer shell and cause them to wear over time if you do not separate them.

Please avoid detergents with enzymes. Enzymes are found in many detergents to allow for a lower washing temperature. However, the way enzymes work also reduces the lifespan of cloth diapers, especially the ones made from bamboo fabrics.

Outer shell: 100% polyester (polyurethane coated)
Soaker & Booster outer layer: 70% viscose (bamboo), 30% cotton
Soaker & Booster base layer: 100% polyester

Made in China.

Properties "Pop-in V2 AIO One Size (snaps)"
Fits from: 5 to 15 kg
Made in: China
Type of nappy: All-in-One, Snap-in-One
Size (Nappy): One Size (from 5 kg)
Fastening: Snaps
Flaps: front and back
Double leg gussets: Yes
Material: Cotton, Polyester, Viscose (Bamboo)
Waschbar bis: 60 degrees
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