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Which accessories do I need?
No matter which system you choose, we recommend you here some crucial accessories for cloth diapering!
Nappy Liners/fleeces are super helpful for removing Big Business easily.

Wet bags/buckets are handy for keeping dirty Stoffys safe and odour-free until wash day.

Suitable detergents help you safely remove dirt on Stoffys and extend the life of your Stoffys!

You have a baby? Then you definitely need vest extenders. These smart accessories are super handy whether you're cloth diapering, disposable diapering, or even practising nappy-free.
avo+cado one-layered flannel cotton wipes - 15 Pcs
Colour: Green

Variants from €7.90*
avo+cado organic cotton prefold
Size: XL

Variants from €3.00*
avo+cado wool wax
Content: 100g container

avo+cado pail liner
avo+cado pattern: Blue

Snappi Nappy Fastener Size 1 - 3 Pcs.
Farbe (Snappi): Pastellgrün

avo+cado wet/dry bag (M)
Pattern: Flamingo

Smart Bottoms Hanging Wet Bag (L)
Pattern: Belle Blossom

Smart Bottoms flat diaper
Size: large

Variants from €10.90*
Pop-in wet/dry bag (M)
Pattern: Ferret

avo+cado wet bag (M)
Pattern: Avocado Heroes

Variants from €9.90*
Snappi Nappy Fastener Size 2 - 3 Pcs.
Farbe (Snappi): Pastellblau

Babyland printed wet bag (M)
Pattern: Fruit Punch

Smart Bottoms On the Go Wet Bag (M)
Pattern: Bend it

€15.90* €18.90* (15.87% saved)
Thirsties Hemp Insert - 2 Pcs
Size: Large (ca. 33 x 14 cm)

Variants from €12.60*
From €13.60*
Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold
Size: Size 1 (3 - 8 kg)

From €11.40*
Smart Bottoms Diaper Clutch (S)
Pattern: Never Alone

Variants from €10.90*
Little Lamb 3ply bamboo insert - 5 pcs.
Size: One Size

Variants from €15.00*
From €16.00*
Babyland coloured wet bag (M)
Farbe (Babyland): Purple

Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Inserts
Size: Large (ca. 33 x 14 cm)

From €10.30*
Pop-in Change & Go Mat
Pattern: Orangutan

Pop-in Stuff Sack
Pattern: Toucan

Mother Ease Inserts for Wizard Duo
Size: S (3,5 - 8 kg) | Insert: Cotton

Variants from €12.50*
TotsBots Potion Laudry Detergent
Potion: Veilchenduft

Content: 0.75 kg (€15.33* / 1 kg)

From €11.50*
Smart Bottoms mini wet bag (xs)
Pattern: Aqua Floral

Variants from €9.20*
Pop-in Day Time Trainer
Size: M (11,5 - 12,5 kg) | Pattern: Parrot

Ulrich Natürlich Nappy Detergent with Odour Control 2kg

Content: 2 kg (€13.45* / 1 kg)

From €26.90*
Thirsties Stay Dry Natural Insert
Size: Small (ca. 30 x 11,5 cm)

From €10.30*
Pop-in wet bag (M)
Pattern: Parrot