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Trainer (Training pants)

What are Trainers?

Trainers (training pants) are very similar to normal underpants and look like one at first sight. The difference lies in the fact that they are slightly thicker in terms of material and, above all, have an absorbent layer and also a waterproof layer.

Most trainers have a layer of waterproof PUL, which is either on the outside or sewn in hidden. The top layer is also usually made to give kids good wetness feedback. In between is a fairly thin, absorbent layer that provides leakage protection in case of "minor accidents."
Trainers are a good companion for potty training or when practicing diaper-free. When kids are growing up, the step to stop wearing ´nappies is a big one. But the road to getting there can sometimes be bumpy, and small setbacks often can't be avoided. With a trainer, the child is spared the embarrassment of having wet themselves and can proudly wear 'panties' already. In addition, parents do not have to change and wash all the clothes.

What do you need to know?

The wrong expectation: trainers are not a substitute for nappies! Many parents assume that trainers can be used similarly to nappies. However, since they only have a small amount of absorbent material, the child should already not need the nappies to some extent. A trainer cannot catch 'normal', a lot of pee.

The correct use of trainers: Trainers support your child in going to the potty or toilet independently. They reliably hold back minor accidents when the child is distracted or hasn't made it to the toilet or potty fast enough.

If your baby is still too young, can't walk yet, or still makes large amounts of pee, your baby then still need to wear nappies.

Which trainer for my child?

Although all trainers perform the same function, there are small differences. Here we give you an overview of the trainers in our sortiment.

Name of Trainers Size >>> Material >>> Features >>>
Blueberry Trainer S: 10 - 12 kg
M: 11,5 - 15,5 kg
L: 14,5 - 19 kg
Outer: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
Absorbent layer: 80% polyester, 20% nylon
Comfortable fit like normal underwear + back-up protection

Hidden sewn wetness protection. Only partially waterproof, not for wearing overnight

Stretchy cuffs on the legs and elastic waistband for a secure and comfortable fit
Pop-In Trainer - Cool Pass S: 12-18 months / 10 - 11.5 kg
M: 18-24 months / 11.5 - 12.5 kg
L: 2-2½ years / 12.5 - 13.5 kg
XL: 2,5 years + / ab 13.5 kg
Outer layer: 65% polycotton, 35% cotton
. Inner core: 100% polyester microfibre
Clever design that allows your toddler to feel the wetness.
Low absorbency, not for sleep or for children who still pee in their pants a lot.
Pop-In Trainer with Pocket M - 80/86
L - 86/92
XL - 92/98
XXL - 98/104
Outer: 100% polyester with waterproof TPU coating
. Inside: 100% polyester
More suitable for thin children.

If you are unsure of the size, order one size larger, extra inserts can be added if needed, ideal for the beginnings of potty training.
Rumparooz 'Lil Learnerz' Trainer XS: 8-11kg 1,5 -2 years
S: 10-14kg 2-2,5 years
M: 13-17kg 2,5-3 years
L: 16-20kg 3-4 years
XL: 19-23kg 4-6 years
100% Polyester/
Good absorbency.

Suitable for toddlers in the early stages of potty training as well as for older children who no longer want to wear a nappy but who sometimes still have a little pee accident.
Best Bottom Trainer S: ca. 9-13 kg
M: ca. 11-16 kg
L: ca. 13-18 kg
XL: ca. 16-22,5 kg
AOuter layer: 100% cotton
Inner layer: 100% polyester (coated with PUL)
Low absorbency With replaceable inserts → that can be buttoned and changed as needed.

The training pants are put on like trousers and also feel like trousers.
ImseVimse Trainer (Bio cotton) Weight - Large: 9-12 kg
XLarge: 11-14 kg
SLarge: 13-17 kg
JR: 16-20 kg
Absorbent material: 100% cotton
Waterproof layer: 100% polyester
Made from very soft natural fibres! Hidden waterproof layer inside

Not for sleeping

Good wetness feedback

Stretchy cuffs on the legs and elastic waistband for a secure and comfortable fit
Imagine Trainer S: 10 - 14 kg
M: 12 - 18 kg
L: 15 - 21 kg
Outside: 100% polyester
Inside: 100% cotton, 100% bamboo viscose, (sewn in)
Similar to normal underwear design + back-up protection of five layers of bamboo for larger wee-wee.

Top layer of cotton flannel the child feels the wetness.

Outside with PUL: wetness protection

Practical buttons on the side also suitable for diaper-free practice

How many trainers and what accessories do I need?

1. Trainer:

Since trainers are used like regular pants, we recommend having at least 4-5 trainers on hand. If something goes wrong more often, it is worth having a few more pairs of underpants in stock.

To the trainers!


2. Potties and accessories

If your child can't or doesn't want to use the toilet yet, potties are a sensible purchase! In many Asian countries, a potty is part of every toddler's childhood and children even prefer to go potty all the time.

The child can also use the potty on its own and does not have to 'tell anyone'. This step towards independence and the self-determination that comes with it, is often a key to becoming dry.

Here you will find our potties and accessories..

3. Suitable clothing:

Dresses or long tops combined with leg warmer are great for the beginning. If the temperature is warm, you can leave your child naked at home, so that he or she gets a feeling for his or her own body even faster.

If it does have to be trousers, a comfortable waistband is helpful because it allows the trousers to be pulled down quickly.


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