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Prefolds with covers

Prefolds are flat absorbent pads made of several layers of cotton sewn together. They are divided into three sections that can be folded into a handy pad in two easy steps. Because the three sections can be unfold again for washing and drying, Prefolds clean better and dry faster than similar soaker pads that have all layers sewn together.

The inner Prefold can be removed after use and replaced with a new one. This allows the cover to be used multiple times, which means less washing and less cost.

avo+cado organic cotton prefolds are a cost-effective wrapping system for anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot but still want to have natural fibers. Paired with a nice cover from Blueberry or Rumparooz they make a cute and reliable cloth diaper that anyone can afford. For more absorbency (nap and nighttime), a hemp prefold from Thirsties can be used.

Avo&Cado Prefold with a Pop-in cover

1. Take a Prefold and a cover.

2. Fold the prefold to one third of the original size (along the seam or in the opposite direction).

3. Open the cover and place the folded prefold in the cover under the flaps.

4. Place on top a nappy fleece, nappy liner (to catch the big business) - now your diaper is ready to use!

5. If the liner just got wet, the prefold can be replaced and the cover can continue to be used.

Here is a detailed video on the subject:

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