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Which nappy for my child?

How do I choose the right cloth nappy for my child? First of all, it's helpful to become comfortable with the new vocabulary associated with the world of cloth diapers, as well as understanding the features and advantages of each kind of nappy. Below you'll find the most important terms explained in detail.  
Secondly, it’s important to test a few different nappies before committing to buying a whole set, to experience first-hand what works best for your little one and your personal preferences. Each baby is different in terms of size and weight (chubby sumo thighs versus tall and slim) and also how often they feed and pee, so experimenting is always a good idea. Try out our test packages!

Questions you should ask yourself

* Are natural fibers like cotton and hemp important to me?
* Do I want to be able to tumble dry my nappies?
* Do I have or expect to have more than one child in nappies at the same time?
* Do we travel often or is my child often cared for by other (babysitters, grandparents etc.)?

If you’re new to this, it may take a little practice and adjustment to find the right nappies and changing routine, but it'll soon become second nature...most likely you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before!
Our chief product testers Zoë (born 2010), Aria (born 2013) and Quinn (born 2015) have tested more than 50 different cloth diaper models. Because of that we have confidence in all the products we offer on Stoffywelt. You can count on the fact that all our cloth nappies are easy to handle, have a high absorbency, offer a very good price-performance ratio and, last but not least, look very cute!

Cloth diaper comparison  

Single piece Systems (All-In-Ones)

All-In-Ones (AIOs) are very easy to use, which is well suited for Stoffy newbies or skeptics. As the name says itself, you have, practically, everything in one. The inlay is attached to the outer pants/cover so that nothing can slip or get lost. If the diaper gets dirty, it is completely put into the washing machine.

Name Size >>> Material >>> Absorbency >>> Drying time >>> Price >>> Features >>> Made in >>>
One-size 5-16kg
Organic cotton / Microfleece / PUL
 fromb 34,50€ 
Slim nappy, ideal for babies sensitive to moisture, pocket for additional inserts
Blueberry Simplex Side Snap AIO M (5,5-11,5Kg),
L (10-16kg)
Organic cotton / PUL  good average 28,90€ Very slim nappy, easy to put on and off (similar to pull-up covers) due to sidesnaps, pocket for additional inserts USA
Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO One-Size 5-16kg Organic cotton / PUL good average 29,90€ Very slim nappy, can be tumble dryed USA
One-Size 5-16kg Hemp / Organic cotton /
good average 31,90€ Very slim nappy, needs to be pre-washed only once, can be tumble dryed, pocket for additional inserts USA
One-Size 4-15kg
Bamboo viscose / Organic cotton / Polyester / PUL
 from 26,99€ 
Double gussets for extra leak protection, very stable, supports hip development
One-Size 5-16kg
Bamboo viscose/ Polyester / PUL
sehr good
from 26,90€ 
Very absorbent, pocket for additional inserts

Two-piece Systems: Nappy Cover with Prefolds / Fitted Nappies

This type of diaper changing gives you the opportunity to customize the diaper according to your child's individual needs. You can choose the cover according to shape, design, material and personal preference and adjust the absorbent inserts and boosters to your child's needs. The absorbent inlay of your choice (prefold, muslin nappies, booster etc. ) are simply inserted into the cover. Some of them have flaps so that the inlay does not slip, others have a cut that the insert stays in place even if there is no flap. In most cases the covers are still clean after the diaper changing, so that they can be used several times. Therefore you only need to wash the inserts (after first change).


Name>>> Size >>> Material >>> Drying time >>> Price>>> Features >>>
Size 1: 2,7 - 7,5kg
Size 2: 5,5 - 16kg
 PUL quick from 20,90€
Fits over all nappies, prefolds or other inserts, has flaps, double gussets
Size 1: 3-9kg
Size 2: 5-16kg
Size 3 15-20kg
from 18,90€
Has flaps, can be used as SIO, works as a nappy as well
Rumparooz Cover Size 1: 2,5-6kg
Size 2: 4-15kg
PUL quick from 15,90€ available with snaps or velcro, double gussets
Smart Bottoms Too Smart  5-16kg PUL quick 22,50€ has flaps, double gussets, suited for slim babies
Milovia Überhose Size 1: 2,5-7kg
Size 2: 4-16kg
PUL / Microfleece quick from 19,90€ has fleece covered flaps
Size 1: 2-6kg
Size 2: 4-15kg
Size 3: 12-17kg
from 18,90€
Perfect for nappies, fleece covered rims leave no marks on baby's skin
Petit Lulu Pull-Up Cover
XS: 2,5 - 4,5kg
S: 4-7 kg
M: 6-10 kg 
L: 9-13 kg 
XL: 13+ kg
PUL / Microfleece quick from 15,90€ Perfect for nappies, fleece covered rims leave no marks on baby's skin, easy to put on and off, not suited for inserts


Name>>> Size >>> Material >>> Absorbency >>> Drying time >>> Price>>> Features >>>
Size 1: 2,7-8kg
Size 2: 6-18kg
Hemp / Organic cotton
sehr good
Very absorbent
Flip Organic Prefold 5-16kg Organic cotton very good slow 11,90€ very soft and absorbent
Bamboo viscose/ Cotton / Polyester
very soft and slim
Avo&Cado Prefold Size 1: 2,7-7kg
Size 2: 5-16kg
Size 3: 13-20kg
Organic cotton good average from 3,00€ slim nappy, low cost

Fitted Nappies

Name>>> Size >>> Material >>> Absorbency >>> Drying time >>> Price>>> Suited for... >>>
Size 1: 2,5-8kg
Size 2: 4-16kg
Size 3: 10-20kg
Bamboo / Polyester
Nights and long car rides. Very absorbent and leakproof. Barely leaves any marks.
ImseVimse Fitted Nappy Size 1: 2-5kg
Size 2: 5-16kg
100% Baumwolle, kbA good average from 49,95 € für 4 Windeln mit zusätzlichen Einlage Since these diapers are made of cotton and relatively thin, they are very good for the day.
Little Lamb Fitted Nappy (Bamboo) Size 1: 3-9 kg
Size 2: 9-17 kg
Size 3: 16-22 kg
Bamboo / Microfiber / Polyester very good slow 13,90€ Nights and long car rides
Little Lamb Fitted Nappy (Cotton) Size 1: 3-9 kg
Size 2: 9-17 kg
Size 3: 16-22 kg
Cotton / Microfiber / Polyester good average 13,90€ for the day or for children who pee less also for the night or longer car trips
Avo&Cado Fitted Nappy One-Size 4-15kg Cotton / Polyester average average 14,90€ Daytime, with absorbent inserts also suited for nights. Barely leaves any marks.
Size 1: 3-6kg
Size 2: 4-15kg
Size 3: 7-17kg
Bamboo / Cotton / Polyester
good/very good
from 19,90€
Nights and long car rides. Barely leaves any marks.

The above information are just rough pointers and vary from child to child.

Adaptable nappies or multiple sizes?

A unique feature of cloth nappies is that they grow with the child. If you start your child with cloth diapers at 5kg, you only need one single size that adapts to your child as it grows. The growing models fit from about 5kg to about 16kg, which can vary a little depending on the child. In addition, many manufacturers offer extra sizes for newborns and especially large children. On Stoffywelt newborn nappies are marked with 'Size 1', growing nappies with 'Size 2' and larger nappies for children that become potty trained a little later with 'Size 3'.

The size is adjusted by several rows of snap fasteners on the front of the diaper. That way the nappy can be made bigger or smaller as needed. Instead of snappies, some models come with high-quality velcro to easily adjust the size.

Velcro or snappies?

The cloth nappies with velcro are similar to disposable diapers and many parents consider them to be the easiest and most convenient option. Dads in particular prefer these because they can be opened and closed quickly. But the older your child grows, the easier it will be for them to open the velcro themselves...

Therefore, push buttons are often the better choice for toddlers. They are more difficult to open for little fingers and more secure because of that (especially if you plan on dressing your child with only a cloth nappy in the summer).

Hemp, Bamboo, Cotton, Microfiber, Microfleece, PUL?

Modern diapers are made from many different fabrics. Most commonly you will encounter bamboo, cotton, microfiber, microfleece and PUL.

Hemp is a fast-growing plant that needs little water and can be cultivated in our latitudes. Hemp is a very absorbent material which is especially popular as an additional diaper insert. The only downside: hemp takes a long time to dry and absorbs moisture rather slowly.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and is usually cultivated without pesticides and artificial fertilizers. In addition, bamboo viscose is incredibly soft, absorbent and breathable. The only downside: the more bamboo there is in a diaper, the longer it will take to dry again.

Cotton is a soft and breathable fiber. Organic cotton from plants that haven't been genetically manipulated grows without unnecessary chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides and is therefore the first choice for parents who want only the most natural fibers for their child.

Microfiber is a synthetic product made of polyester. Due to its fast absorbency, many absorbent pads contain one or more layers of microfiber. It dries faster than cotton.

Microfleece is a non-absorbent material and therefore serves as a dry layer. It is often the first layer that touches the baby's bottom, as it allows the fluid to flow into the underlying absorbent pad. The dry layer protects the skin from moisture and effectively reduces discomfort and a sore bottom.

Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) is the thin outer skin of many cloth nappies. It is the material that waterproofs the nappy. It has the property to retain liquids and still be breathable - similar to modern rain jackets.

Any questions left? Take a look at our FAQ. You'll find more information about how the different cloth nappies work or if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us, we would love to help you out!