About us


my name is Michelle Kasper and I live together with my husband Erik and our children Zoe, Aria and Quinn in Trier in Germany.

We came to cloth diapers when our first daughter Zoe was about one year old. During a visit to my parents in New Zealand, we happened to come across the modern cloth diapers. After some research and conversations with friends and acquaintances, we found out that hardly anyone in our environment in Europe really knew modern cloth diapers. That motivated me even more and soon our decision was made: We created a website where parents could inform themselves about cloth diapers and buy them right away! With the help of this website, social media, flyers and videos we would educate parents. Everyone should have the choice: Washing or throwing away - how do you decide?

The topic of cloth diapers became a matter close to our hearts and we wanted to provide the best and most beautiful cloth diapers including all necessary information. After our return from New Zealand, the project StoffyWelt started and with it the realization of our big dream to make the Stoffys better known. So we started our online shop in 2012, where we first offered only a few cloth diapers and the most necessary accessories. Over time, the range grew. In the meantime, many other environmentally friendly products have joined the diapers.

Our second daughter Aria was born in 2013 and our son Quinn in 2015. Both children were wrapped in cloth diapers right after birth and so all new products are tested diligently for you :)

Meanwhile, we are a young and innovative team of parents and students. We are united by the desire to make the world a little bit better through sustainable products and to make it easier for all those who wish to enter the world of cloth diapers.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions! In Trier, you will find our shop (Natürlich Familie) at Schönbornstr. 18. We are there for you from Mon-Fri from 9-16 o'clock. Please call before if you wish a longer consultation (0651 96 652 915).

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