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Financial support for cloth diapers

More and more localities already offer financial support for the purchase of cloth diapers. Many cities and towns have realized that disposable diapers are responsible for a large percentage of household waste. Therefore, they want to facilitate the decision to cloth diaper and support the somewhat higher initial investment. In some cases, a certain amount is also reimbursed annually, but this varies from place to place. On our map you will find all the places that finances Stoffys, if you know of other places or regions, we would be happy to hear from you.

Since nothing changes on its own, it needs committed parents who advocate for a diaper financial support in their community. Ask your local politicians and show them that there is a better solution against the diaper waste mountain than a waste subsidy! At the Diaper Grant Project, you can find initial information and also concrete help in writing a letter to your city or municipality.