Margarita McClure, a mother of three, founded Swaddlebees and Blueberry Diapers. Her goal was to glamourise cloth diapers and to make even the task of changing a pooey nappy a joyful experience. From the beginning her business focussed on the highest quality products made exclusively in the USA and fabulously cute prints!

As much as possible they source fabrics from the US and only use the most reliable and safest components. This includes fabrics free from harmful contaminants such as lead, pthalates and BPA, and latex-free elastic. Swaddlebees & Blueberry pride themselves on the most anatomically-correct diapers available, meaning they fit great without sagging, bunching or stuff sticking out. They carefully design their diapers to conform to the unique shape of babies to ensure the best fit, comfort and function. The company's offices and warehouse are located in Knoxville, Tennessee and all products are produced at their factory in Arkansas.

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