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artgerecht - Das andere Kleinkinderbuch (in German)

* Author: Nicola Schmidt
* Kösel-Verlag, 2018
* 304 pages, hardcover

"Relaxed and loving through the turbulent childhood years."

This is the motto of the sequel to Nicola Schmidt's bestseller. In her second guidebook, which is entirely dedicated to the period from the second to the sixth year of life, the author and mother of two also makes it her task to support parents on their way with advice and action, without wanting to claim a patent remedy for every child.

In doing so, the author tries to answer the really important questions that every mum and dad has asked themselves many times: Why don't my children eat vegetables and scream in the supermarket? What makes children fall asleep? When will my child get clean? With lots of tips and advice, Nicola Schmidt shows here how parents can still do justice to their children's biology today, even though it has hardly changed since the Stone Age.

Because when parents understand what happens in their children's bodies and brains, they see their everyday life with different eyes and know what to do. Finally, the author is convinced that children want to cooperate - if parents support them and practise with them.

Ms Schmidt shows how this works in eight chapters including a wonderfully open and honest foreword by the author herself. Each of the chapters (modelled on the predecessor of the artgerecht book) not only deals with theory, which is always cleverly linked to everyday situations, but also provides parents with ideas, tips and tricks without being dogmatic or lecturing.

At the end of each chapter, Nicola Schmidt bases her preliminary work on the scientific facts and then concludes with a short summary that revisits the most frequently asked questions on the subject. At the same time, the book convinces with an appealing page design that is variedly colourful, yet simple. The illustrations by Claudia Meitert further lighten up the typeface.

About the author: Nicola Schmidt studied political science at the Free University of Berlin and then devoted herself to journalism and editorial work, including at Focus Online. As an author, she wrote on species-appropriate child rearing in 2015.
Properties "artgerecht - Das andere Kleinkinderbuch (in German)"
Author: Nicola Schmidt
Dimensions: 17,8 x 2,9 x 24,6 cm
ISBN: 978-3466310968
Language: German
Print length: 304 pages
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Kösel Verlag
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