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Vimse (by ImseVimse) Mattress Pad

* mattress protector from ImseVimse
* made of cotton
* 100x75 cm

The Vimse (by ImseVimse) mattress protector is a true lifesaver for any young family! Made of 100% organic cotton and covered with a waterproof polyurethane layer, it creates a reliable barrier between life's little mishaps and all mattresses.

Measuring 100 x 75 cm, it fits like a glove on most cribs, but can also be easily used crosswise on large mattresses. So it offers flexible and comprehensive protection, whether for nighttime diaper mishaps, spilled water bottles or that little snack that somehow ended up in the bed.

This mattress protector is not only a shield for your mattress, but also a faithful companion through the exciting first years with your baby. It helps ensure that you have less to worry about accidents in bed and more time to enjoy those special moments.

And when it's time for a wash? No problem. The mattress protector can be washed at 60°c and is even suitable for tumble drying. However, we recommend drying it on the gentle setting or even better, drying it in the fresh air. This way it will stay fresh and ready for the next little adventures for a long time.

100% organic cotton, laminated with polyurethane.
Properties "Vimse (by ImseVimse) Mattress Pad"
Size: 100 x 70 cm
Material: Cotton
Washable up to: 60 degrees
Trocknergeeignet: Ja (Schonstufe)
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