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TotsBots Stay Dry Fleece Liners - 5 Pack

* Keep the skin dry
* 5 Pieces
* Size: 34x14 cm

These TotsBots stay-dry fleece liners have no absorbency but are placed on top of the cloth nappy next to the baby's skin. The fleece lets the moisture pass through to the absorbent layers underneath, while keeping the skin feeling drier.

If your child is sensitive to wetness or experiencing a rash, placing a stay-dry fleece on top of the nappy next to baby's skin is often the solution.

Fits in all One Size or XL nappies. For newborns, we recommend Fleecy Liners

The liners can be washed with the rest of the nappies and can be used together with or instead of paper nappy liners.

100% polyester

Wash up to 60°C. Can be tumble-dried on low (but not really necessary because it dries very fast).
Properties "TotsBots Stay Dry Fleece Liners - 5 Pack"
Size: 15,5 x 33,5 cm
Content: 5 pieces
Type of nappy: Insert
Size (Nappy): One Size (from 5 kg)
Material: Polyester
Waschbar bis: 60 degrees
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