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TotsBots PeeNut Wrap - Colours (Size: Size 2 (4-16kg) / Colour: White)

* One PUL wrap in size 1 - 3 (PeeNut inserts can be purchased separately)
* Flaps at the front and back

* With snaps on the inside 

Size 1: 3-9kg
Size 2: 4-16kg
Size 3: 15-20kg

The waterproof yet breathable PeeNut Wrap, together with the PeeNut bamboo inserts create the PeeNut Snap-In-One (SIO) system. 

*** Please note that while the PeeNut inserts can be used with the size 3 cover, they are too short to fill out the length of the cover. Therefore, we recommend placing a Thirsties Hanfeinlage (large) underneath the PeeNut soaker for an optimal fit and better absorbecy for larger children.

SIO or "Snap-In-One" is a type of complete nappy, where the inserts are attached to the waterproof layer with snaps, rather than sewn together. This offers the advantages of both a one-part and two-part system. When the inserts are snapped-in, the inserts remain attached and won't slide around or fall out. However, you have the practicality of a two-part nappy by being able to take out the inserts when wet and snap-in fresh ones. Therefore you can use the PeeNut cover again and again.

Simply attach the shorter insert to the longer insert using snaps. Then click both inserts into the PeeNut nappy cover! A nappy liner can be place on top when desired and then is the nappy ready!

On the inside of the PeeNut Wrap are two snaps for connecting the PeeNut bamboo inserts. In addition there are flaps at the back and front. If you use inserts or prefolds that don't have snaps, then the flaps help to keep these inserts in place. 

Smaller babys only need the shorter insert to begin with. Later you can switch to the longer insert and for maximum absorbency for heavy wetters, use both together. Therefore it is very easy to adapt the absorbency and thickness of the nappy as required.

For fulltime diapering with the PeeNut System we recommed 5-6 PeeNut covers, 16-20
PeeNut bamboo inserts and 3-6 night nappies e.g. the TotsBots Bamboozle or the Hu-Da Bamboo fitted nappies. The Bamboozles and Hu-Da nappies require a waterproof cover and can be used together with the PeeNut cover.

100% polyester with polyurethane


Wash up to 60°C
ÖKO TEX 100 zertifiziert (11-31926 Shirley)
Properties "TotsBots PeeNut Wrap - Colours (Size: Size 2 (4-16kg) / Colour: White)"
Fits from: 2,5 to 20 kg
Type of nappy: Cover, Snap-in One
Size (Nappy): Newborn, One Size (from 5 kg), XL
Fastening: Velcro
Material: Polyester
Washable up to: 60 degrees
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