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Rumparooz Diaper Cover (Snap) One Size

* Fits from 4-15 kg
* Waterproof cover
* Affordable system

The Rumparooz diaper cover is versatile and can be filled with any fitting insert or nappy. This cover is especially suitable for prefolds, and with the double leg gussets for extra containment, this two-part system is affordable, practical and chic!

The Rumparooz cover together with prefolds makes less laundry than other systems, because only the wet prefold needs to be changed and the cover can be used again. Just take a prefold e.g. Avo&Cado or Thirsties, fold it into a third of the original size and lay it into the cover between the back and tummy elastics. When the prefold is wet, then place it in the diaper bucket or wet bag and then take a fresh prefold and reuse the cover. If the baby has pooped and the cover is soiled, then it also goes in the wash.

Muslins, Thirsties Stay Dry Duos and avo+cado bamboo inserts (One Size) can also be used in the diaper cover. Prefolds and inserts depending on the child, usually have an absorbency of 2-3 hours.

For nights most babies and toddlers will need a proper night nappy, that can last 10-12 hours. We recommend the TotsBots Bamboozle which fits under the Rumparooz One Size for a super night nappy.

The Rumparooz covers are also available with hook & loop and for newborns.

For full-time diapering of a baby (4-15kg) with Rumparooz covers and prefolds, we recommend 6-8 Rumparooz covers, 15-20 prefolds One Size and 4-6 night nappies.

100% polyester (TPU)

Wash up to 60 degrees. Line dry. High heat can damage the TPU! Avoid drying the diaper covers on the heater or exposing them over longer periods to the blazing sun.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Made in China. 
Properties "Rumparooz Diaper Cover (Snap) One Size "
Fits from: 4 to 15 kg
Made in: China
Nappy type: Cover
Size (Nappy): One Size (from 5 kg)
Fastening: Buttons
Double leg gussets: Yes
Material: Polyester
Washable up to: 60 degrees
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