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Pink Daisy Cloth Pads (Organic Cotton)

* cloth pads in size small, medium or large
* Organic cotton surface (also available in Stay Dry)
* Washable and reusable

Small: 21 x 6,5 cm
Medium: 27 x 7,5 cm
Large: 34 x 8 cm

The Pink Daisy feminine pads are made by Blueberry, using similar fabrics as their nappies and with the same high quality. With Pink Daisy washable feminine pads, you can enjoy the comfort and softness of organic cotton during your period. The hidden layers of microfiber terry add extra absorbency, while the breathable laminated polyester backing prevents leakage.

Wash your Pink Daisy pads prior to first use. Snap the pads around your underwear so the tag side faces down.  Change the pad every 2-6 hours or as needed. When you are away from home, place the used pads in a small wet bag until you return home, then wash according to the care instructions. 
For one period cycle, we recommend between 6-12 small/medium pads and 1-3 large pads, depending on how heavy your flow is and how long your periods normally last. 

Rinse or soak in cold water, then machine wash at 60 degrees. Line dry or tumble dry on low. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Should staining occur, lay the pads out in the sun or try using Ulrich Stain Remover or I Provenzali Wash Away Stain Soap.

Inner and first hidden layer: 90% cotton (organic), 10% Polyester
Mictroterry hidden layer: 100% Polyester
Outer layer: 100% polyester (laminated)

Made in USA.
Properties "Pink Daisy Cloth Pads (Organic Cotton)"
Leakproof: Yes
Made in: USA
Fastening: Snap
Organic: Yes
Material: Cotton, Polyester
Washable up to: 60 degrees
Can be tumble-dried: Yes (on low heat)
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