Rumparooz started in 2006 when Julie and Chad Ekstrom’s second daughter was born. She had highly sensitive skin and could not wear disposable diapers without getting a severe rash. After not being able to find suitable cloth diapers, Julie began sewing her own and then making them for friends. Eight years later, the diapers from family-owned company Kanga Care are sold all around the world and Julie’s design of the dual (double) inner gusset have a US patent.


The American company is based in Golden, Colorado. Products are manufactured responsibly in China, by a Danish mum-owned Swiss-certified company. The Swiss Certificate is a certification specific to labor conditions and the environment that the factory workers work in. Workers are paid fair wages and work in a healthy and safe environment. The particular factory where Rumparooz diapers are made is solar-powered and focuses on producing green products that are sustainable to the earth. 

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