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Merula One Size Menstrual Cup

* Made in Germany
* One size
* Silicon firmness: medium to firm 4/5

The Merula Cup is a unique one size menstrual cup. It will positively change the way you feel about your period, while saving you money and being better for the environment!

It is ideal for women of all ages using a menstrual cup for the first time, as the original "ladder" design fits women with low, medium and high-sitting cervixes.

The Merula's special bowl-shaped (kugel) design, means that the cup is shorter than other menstrual cups, yet it still has a high capacity with 38ml, more than the Lunette or Luv Ur Body.

It has a rigid rim and a soft cup. It can be worn even if it the cup is a bit folded or squeezed together, as long as the rim is fully open.

The Merula is suitable for women with weak, medium or strong pelvic floor muscles. The three-rung ladder stem can be shortened from a length of 72mm to 61mm or 50mm if required. For women with shorter vaginal canals, simply cut the extra rungs off with nail clippers or small scissors. We recommend testing the Merula first before shortening.

This menstrual cup can be worn up to 12 hours or overnight. Women with heavy bleeding will need to empty more often (or use the Merula XL). Clean the cup with water or toilet paper between uses. Sterilise and store in the cotton bag between cycles.

Rim diametre: 40mm
Cup diametre: 46mm
Length of cup including stem: 50-72mm
Capacity: 38ml

100% medical grade silicone

Made in Germany
Properties "Merula One Size Menstrual Cup"
Diameter: 46mm
Hergestellt in: Germany
Holding capacity: 38ml
Length (incl. stem): 50-72mm
Material: medical grade silicone
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