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Merula Cup XL Menstrual Cup

* Made in Germany
* For heavy bleeding - capacity 50ml
* Medium to high portio - 5-8cm
* Silicon firmness: medium to firm 4/5

The Merula Cup XL is the extra large version of the Merula One Size menstrual cup. It is ideal for women who already use the Merula One Size or other menstrual cups, but require more volume during days of heavy bleeding.

The unique two step "ladder" design fits women with medium and high-sitting cervixes. The clever ring at the base of the cup enables easy and comfortable removal.

This cup has a high capacity with 50ml, equivalent to 2,5 large tampons and significantly more than the Lunette size 2 (30ml), Luv Ur Body Large (35ml) and One Size Merula (38ml). 

The Merula Cup XL is suitable for women with a medium to high portio (5-8cm) and with weak to strong pelvic muscles. In case your portio/cervix sits especially low or you perceive your vagina as quite narrow, then the Merula XL is most likely too large for you.

This menstrual cup can be worn up to 12 hours or overnight. Clean the cup with water or toilet paper between uses. Sterilise and store in the cotton bag between cycles.

Rim diameter: 46mm
Length of cup including stem: 61-72mm
Capacity: 50ml

100% medical grade silicone

Made in Germany
Properties "Merula Cup XL Menstrual Cup"
Diameter: 46mm
Holding capacity: 50ml
Length (incl. stem): 61-72mm
Made in: Germany
Material: medical grade silicone
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