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Mein kompetentes Baby. Wie Kinder zeigen, was sie brauchen. (in German)

* Author: Nora Imlau
* Kösel-Verlag, 2nd edition, 2016
* 203 pages, hardcover

Babies are among the most underestimated beings on this planet. Yet it is absolutely amazing what babies can already do from day one: They recognise their parents, react to faces, make eye contact, can distinguish moods. From the perspective of modern developmental psychology, the little ones thus actively contribute to building the parent-child bond.

Nora Imlau's well-founded and easy-to-read guide through the first year vividly shows that babies have exactly the skills they need at their respective ages and in their world of experience. They do not develop from unfinished to finished, but from competent newborns to competent babies to competent toddlers. This revolutionary view of babies relieves parents, because those who understand how babies "tick" recognise more quickly what they need to be balanced and content.

Nora Imlau, born in 1983, is a freelance editor at ELTERN magazine and head of the baby section. She also lectures on family topics, is a lecturer at the University of Leipzig and has already published several successful parenting guides. She blogs on family and children's topics and also has a large following on Facebook. She is considered one of the most important experts on baby and toddler topics in this country. Nora Imlau lives with her family in Leipzig.
Properties "Mein kompetentes Baby. Wie Kinder zeigen, was sie brauchen. (in German)"
Author: Nora Imlau
Dimensions: 14,3 x 2,2 x 22,3 cm
ISBN: 978-3466310678
Language: German
Print length: 203 pages
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Kösel Verlag
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