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ManyMonths Wool Longies

* Innovative design that grows with your child
* Can be worn as leggings or as a wool nappy cover
* 100% merino wool

Miracle/NewComer (S): 0-4 Months (Size 50-62)
Charmer (M): 3-9 Months (Size 62-74)
Explorer (L): 6-18 Months (Size 68-86)
Adventurer Plus (XL): 1-4 Years (Size 86-100)

*** Some Longies are double sided / reversible (two colours)

The much loved ManyMonths Wool Longies (formerly Babyidea) are suitable for parents, who've previously been afraid to use wool or for those seeking a wool cover with long legs.  

The longies are made from two-layers of smooth and finely-knitted merino wool. They don't feel scratchy and are as comfortable as your favourite leggings, yet much warmer! Even after several months of use, the wool does not get fluffy or pill, meaning the pants stay in a great condition for a longer time.

ManyMonths is not just a name, but also a philosophy covering all clothes in the collection, with an emphasis on high quality items that grow with your child and which can be handed on to younger siblings.

The ManyMonths longie has an extra high waistband to ensure the tummy stays warm, but it's also useful with small children who are potty training or who prefer to wear shirts instead of bodys. The shirt can be simply tucked into the longies and it won't immediately slip out when the child bends over or sits down. The long leg cuffs can also be folded over to start with and unfolded when more length is needed.

To use the longie together with fitted cloth nappies, the longie can be simply lanolised as normal like other wool covers. Then it will be ready to absorb excess moisture, while still being warm and breathable. The longie is a great option during the day as it both pants and a nappy cover in one! 

If you wish to use the longie at night, it will take several washes and lanolin baths before it is waterproof enough for a whole night, because the fabric does not shrink and felt in the same way as the Disana cover. Therefore it's best to use the longie at the beginning only during the day and after several weeks of use or several washes to then try it at night with a night nappy. Despite its slim fit, the longie still fits over chunky night nappies like the Petit Lulu Maxi night nappy.

Also available: ManyMonths wool shorties.

Material: 100% merino wool
Mulesing free

Machine washable at 30 degrees (wool programme) with similar colours.
Do not tumble try. Do not use bleach.

Designed in Finland
Made in a GOTS certifed factory in China. 
Properties "ManyMonths Wool Longies"
Made in: China
Type of clothing: Leggings, Hose
For whom?: Babies, Kids
Nappy type: Cover
Fastening: Pull up cover
Season: Winter, Autumn
Organic: Yes
Mulesing-free: Yes
Material: Wool
Washable up to: 30 degrees
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