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Magabi Knitted Side Snap Woolen Cover

* double layer merino wool
* Snaps placed on the sides
* 4,5 - 17 kg

With the Side Snap from Magabi, we finally have a wool cover that has the snaps placed on the sides instead of on the front. In terms of structure, it does not differ significantly from its sister product, the Knitted Magabi Merino Wool Cover. It is also made of two layers of soft and elastic merino wool knit and the waist height can be adjusted.

The Side Snap also look quite slim and can make a very discreet cloth diaper package with appropriate inserts. The fine woolen knit is so elastic that it can be pulled over almost any insert, prefold or even slim fitted nappies.

Instead of a row of snaps that are buttoned from the back to the front, this model has a double row of snaps that are closed from the front to the back and sit on the side. This has the advantage that your child won’t be able to open it themselves so easily. Two rows of snaps also offer you greater flexibility when it comes to adjusting the width around the leg and tummy because they can be closed asymmetrically. In addition, the second push button keeps the flaps in place and stops them from slipping out.

The Side Snap is particularly handy when you have children who can already stand and / or run. When children move around a lot, it is often easier to get to the snaps when they are placed on the sides.

You can also put on the Side Snap by pulling them up your child’s legs.
To do this, just close the cover in the correct setting and simply have your child step into it. The rear flaps are specially reinforced so that nothing slips when you pull them up. Elasticity is guaranteed by the rubber in the back. If it is easier for you, you can only close the lower snaps and do the upper ones after pulling the cover up. You should then quickly check the fit of the insert again.

This flexibility makes the Magabi Side Snap an ideal companion for parents who practice 'elimination communication' or whose children have already started potty training.

The Magabi Side Snap is only available in One Size, can be adjusted four times in height and grows with your child from approx. 4.5-17 kg.

ATTENTION: When opening the snaps, please hold the fabric as close as possible to the snap. In this way you avoid damage such as running stitches or tearing the snaps.

Wool covers must be lanolised before they are used for the first time and after each wash so that they become and remain water-repellent. We recommend using wool wax for this.

100% wool (merino)

Rinse with vinegar water before first use to avoid staining!
Hand wash at 30 ° C with a suitable wool detergent, pull damp into shape, dry flat. Avoid sudden temperature changes, spin low. Regular lanolising with lanolin is required.

Manufactured in Poland.
Properties "Magabi Knitted Side Snap Woolen Cover"
Made in: Poland
Type of nappy: Cover
Size (Nappy): One Size (from 5 kg)
Fastening: Snaps
Material: Wolle
Waschbar bis: Only hand wash
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