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Imse Panty Liner, Cloth Pads & Tampon Trial Pack

* Panty Liner, 2 Cloth Pads & Tampon 
* Plastic free
* washable and reusable

Included in the Trial Pack:

ImseVimse panty liners and pads are made of thin, breathable cotton and laminated with a layer of polyurethane laminated polyester to prevent spills. They are secured to your briefs by closing the snaps on the wings underneath your underwear. This way they sit in place, securely and comfortably. Cloth pads are especially liked by women who occasionally have fungal infections, as they are very breathable.

The reusable tampons are a more natural zero-waste alternative for women who don’t want to forgo the comfort of tampons during their period. The cloth tampon is rolled up and tied down with a little yarn. This little cord serves as a means to remove the tampon later on aswell. It is generally used like any other tampon. An instruction manual is included in the packaging.

Washing instruction:

Rinse pad and tampon with cold water after use and keep them in a wet bag until laundry day. On a trip, you can just put the pads and tampons in a wet bag and rinse them once you are home. The tampon will need to be sterilised again after washing to remove any detergent build up. Simply boil for 10 minutes and hang to dry.

Wash at 60 degrees. No fabric softener or chlorine bleach. Can be tumble dried.



Panty Liner & Cloth Pads:

Outer and absorbent layers: 100% organic cotton

Waterproof layer: 100 polyester (polyurethane laminated)

Tampon: 100% Cotton (organic)


Made in Europe.

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