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Plastic bottles, most commonly disposable bottles, contain a substance called bisphenol-A (BPA), which can break away from the bottle during use and enter our bodies. BPA can affect the hormonal balance of humans and is therefore especially bad for young children in the long run.

In our range you will find many BPA-free and sustainable alternatives for drinking bottles and accessories that are made of glass, high-quality stainless steel or silicone. 
Goldi Bottle Nipple
Size: 6+ Monate

Lifefactory Pivot Straw Cap
Lifefactory Farben: Arctic White

Variants from €9.90*
Pura Kiki Edelstahl-Flasche - Baby/Toddler 325ml
Pura Colour: Aqua Swirl | Pura Top: Straw Cap

Pura Silicone Sleeve for 150 to 325 ml bottles
Pura Größe: 260/325ml | Pura Colour: Green

Variants from €5.90*
Lifefactory Glass Bottle - 475ml
Lifefactory Farben: Arctic White

Lifefactory glas bottle - 350 ml
Lifefactory Farben: Coral

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle - 250ml
Lifefactory Farben: Grape

Lifefactory Stainless Steel Wide Neck Baby Bottle - 235 ml
Lifefactory Aufsatz: Sauger Größe 2 (3 - 6 Monate) | Lifefactory Farben: Denim

Variants from €26.90*
Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle - 120ml
Lifefactory Farben: Mint

Made Sustained Insulated Bottle - 500ml
Made Sustained Farben: Blue Sky

Lifefactory Glass Bottle - 650ml
Lifefactory Farben: Sea Green

Lifefactory Silicone Nipple for Baby Wide Neck Bottles
Lifefactory Größe: Größe 3 (6 - 9 Monate)

Pura Gift Set - small (150 ml)
Pura Colour: Rosa / Aqua

Affenzahn Bottle 300ml
Affenzahn Tiere: Koala

Pura Gift Set - large (325ml)
Pura Colour: Rosa / Aqua

Lifefactory Classic Cap
Lifefactory Farben: Arctic White

Variants from €5.90*
Made Sustained 'Knight' Insulated Bottle - 500ml
Made Sustained Farben: Purple Emperor

Lifefactory silicone caps for glass baby bottles - 2 pcs
Lifefactory Größe: Größe 1 (0 - 3 Monate)

Made Sustained Insulated Bottle - 350ml
Made Sustained Farben: Blue Sky

Pura Sports silicone sleeve
Pura Colour: Green