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Disana organic muslin squares (80x80cm) - 5 Pcs

* Multi-purpose cloths for baby
* Organic cotton, quick-drying
* 5 pieces in natural colour
* Size: 80x80 cm

Muslin squares are an absolute must for every family with a small baby. With so many possible uses, they are an essential item to be kept close at hand and a couple should always be included in the nappy changing bag when leaving home. Disana muslins are made from 100% organic cotton and are made in Germany. As the original cloth nappy, they are also useful as an affordable option for diapering newborns until the one-size nappies fit, or as an insert in the Blueberry Capri size 2 or gDiaper medium or large nappy systems.

The Disana muslins dry very quickly because they are only two layers thick, compared to prefolds or other nappy inserts which are made up of multiple layers of fabric. The easiest way to use muslin as a nappy is to fold it into a quarter of the original size, and then again into one third so that it is the shape of a long and slim insert. As a nappy, many babies will require more absorbency than just a single muslin, so it can be used together with an additional avo+cado bamboo insert for example. For heavy wetters using the Capri cover, we recommend the avo+cado or Thirsties Prefolds as the most ideal inserts.

For those wishing to use the Disana muslin for diapering a newborn, we recommend using the Snappi nappy fastener and the Capri cover size 1. Examples of folding techniques are shown in the photos above and videos below. The different folding methods should ideally be practised on a doll or soft toy to find the easiest and most comfortable technique before using on a newborn. Although some techniques are recommended for a particular age range, some can be used on any age by using a smaller or larger muslin, or by adjusting the length of the square by folding down one side.

When using a nappy liner inside the muslin to catch any solids, we recommend the avo+cado liners as the best nappies for newborns. After the nappy is secured on a newborn and the Capri cover is in place, please check that no cloth or nappy liner is sticking out of the cover and that there are no gaps since they could cause leakage.

Material: 100% cotton (organic)

Wash up to 95 degrees
Wash 2-3 times before first use, in order to increase the absorbency
Can be tumble dried
Do not use chlorine bleach

Properties "Disana organic muslin squares (80x80cm) - 5 Pcs"
Content: 5 pieces
Made in: Germany
Type of nappy: Muslin
Size (nappy): Newborn, One Size (from 5 kg)
Disana colour: natural
Organic: Yes
Material: Cotton
Washable up to: 90 degrees
Can be tumble-dried: Yes (on low heat)
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