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Disana Silk Insert - 5 pcs

* Nifty 5-pack
* 100% silk
* Size either 45 x 15 cm or 15 x 24 cm

Bourette silk inserts from Disana are a natural alternative to conventional means if your baby's bottom is sore or a little red. They contain a lot of silk glue, which has an anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing effect. It provides quick relief of irritated areas. The silk also feels pleasantly cool on the skin.

If your baby has a reddened bottom, simply place a bourette silk insert as the top layer on the diaper package so that there is direct skin contact. The next time you change diapers, replace the insert as well until the inflammation disappears. Do not lay on open wounds.

Bourette silk is a by-product of the manufacturing process of silk yarn. It is the outer layer of the silk moth cocoon, permeated with silk glue that holds the cocoon together. When the silk thread is unwound, the outer fibers fall off. Because they are quite short and therefore difficult to spin, and cannot be completely freed from silk glue, they are of little use for the fashion industry and have long been considered a waste product.

However, it is precisely this silk glue that makes bourette silk so useful for our purposes: It has a natural anti-inflammatory effect and is often used for diaper pads or nursing pads.
Bourette silk has a characteristically pungent odor when wet, but it disappears when it dries.

After use, you should carefully wash your insoles by hand in cold water or wash them in the washing machine on the wool program (not hotter than 30 degrees).
Line dry
Do not use aggressive cleaning agents
Dry cleaning is not necessary
Properties "Disana Silk Insert - 5 pcs"
Content: 5 pieces
Made in: Germany
Type of nappy: Insert
Size (nappy): Newborn, One Size (from 5 kg), XL
Disana colour: natural
Material: Silk
Washable up to: 30 degrees
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