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Thirsties was founded in 2004 by mother Erin Kimmett and is run as a family business based in Ohio, USA by Rick & Meg Merrill and their children. Thirsties offers many moms the opportunity to work from home, allowing them to balance work and family well.
All Thirsties products are manufactured in Colorado, USA. In Germany, the Thirsties brand is best known for its very high quality covers, all-in-one nappies, hemp prefolds and inserts.
Thirsties Hemp Insert - 2 Pcs
Size: XL ( ca. 50.8 x 14.60 cm)

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Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Inserts
Size: Large (ca. 33 x 14 cm)

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Thirsties Natural Duo Insert
Size: Large (ca. 33 x 14 cm)

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Thirsties Stay Dry Natural Insert
Size: Small (ca. 30 x 11,5 cm)

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Thirsties Natural One Size AIO (Snaps)
Thirsties pattern: Mountain Twilight

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Thirsties Natural One Size AIO (Hook & Loop)
Thirsties pattern: Rosy

Variants from €29.90*