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Blueberry Training Pants

* For potty training
* Fun and colourful designs 
* Hidden PUL layer

Small: 10 - 12kg
Medium: 11,5 - 15,5kg
Large: 14,5 - 19kg

These training pants are designed to feel like real underwear for little kids who are potty training. 

These trainers are only partially waterproof and not recommended for use overnight or for naps.

The stretchy leg and waist bands are soft and comfortable and help to contain a small accident. 

Inner layer: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
Absorbent Layer: 100% polyester

Wash up to 60 degrees. Can be tumble dried up to 60 degrees. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.

Made in the USA.
Properties "Blueberry Training Pants"
Made in: USA
Type of nappy: Trainer
Fastening: Pull up cover
Material: Cotton, Nylon, Polyester
Washable up to: 60 degrees
Can be tumble-dried: Yes (on low heat)
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